Life Insurance

Why do I need life Insurance, it's not going to help me...

Life insurance isn't about you.  It's about who you want to help financially when you die.  Whether we want to talk about it or not, we will all die someday.  I saw a comic strip a few days ago where Snoopy and Charlie Brown are discussing this very subject.  Charlie Brown says that we will all die someday.  You know, in my head, I hear it in a very gloomy tone. Snoopy, our steadfast pup, agrees with Charlie Brown but yet reminds him that we will will be living on all the other days.  This is a very profound statement.  While we are living we should be making decisions that help people we know,  our children or charities that we love in the inevitable event of our death.  Most of us want to leave a valuable footprint that gave back instead of receiving more than we deserve.  Life Insurance is a great way to enable and accelerate our ability to give even after we are no longer here.   What a wonderful way to leave a loving legacy.